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Print Management
Services and Software

Cloud Technology – The Ability to be Mobile

Corporate 360 recognizes that businesses are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to enable them to store and share large quantities of data. These technologies along with mobility gives workers the capability to conduct business on the go and/or remotely from multiple locations. The ability to be mobile and access virtually anything from almost anywhere plays a huge role in gaining a competitive advantage.
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Cost Management and Security

Corporate 360 recognizes Cost Management and Security continue to be the most critical priorities for business owners and managers today. After all, the protection and maintenance of a companies’ digital data is paramount in today’s highly sensitive workplace. Corporate 360 offers a complete suite of solutions to meet the unique requirements of our customers. There is a host of “best of breed” application-based solutions that manage costs associated with your MFP while protecting your company assets. From employee smart card print authentication to Accesslock MFP user group rules of engagement.

Capture and Distribution Software

Corporate 360 can help you transform hard copy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow. Document workflow is constantly evolving and at times, can be complicated. Documents route through a number of individuals/ departments, in various formats and may be distributed to countless locations. Automating your document workflow into a simple and easy-to-use process can be a challenge. Corporate 360 offers a number of solutions including AutoStore, a server-based application designed to improve your organization’s capture, process and routing of paper and electronic documents.

Our Service Commitment – The Corporate Promise

4 Hour On-Site Service Response Time

You can be sure that you will receive the best SLA service response in the industry. Our Service Center is able to remotely diagnose, communicate, monitor and remedy issues when necessary.

Manufacturer Trained Technical Support

Corporate 360’s team of experienced manufacturer trained service technicians are digital specialists required to pass stringent standards established by our partners.

We Guarantee Genuine Products, Parts and Toners
We do not use refurbished parts or recycled toners.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee the performance of your new digital imaging system for a minimum of 3 years from the date of installation. If you are leasing with Corporate 360 for more than 3 years, the guarantee will be effective for the entire length of the term. If you are experiencing problems that we cannot rectify we will replace your system with a system of comparable features and capabilities. This guarantee applies only to new equipment that have been continuously maintained by Corporate 360 Business Solutions Inc.