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Printers and Copiers

Multi-Function Colour Copiers and Print Devices

Convergence is not just happening with networks and mobile devices; it is making its presence felt in printer technology. The all-in-one networked printer/copier/fax has rapidly emerged as an attractive option in a world of increasing digital convergence. Corporate 360 offers the industries leading technologies from the leading manufacturers in the world. We are a one stop shop that provides all-in-one printers, all-in-one service, all-in-one invoice. There is no industry we can’t work in:
  • Government
  • Education
  • Legal & Financial Services
  • And more!
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Sales

Fully Managed Print Services

The Corporate 360 Team provides you with a fully managed print solution with continuous maintenance and care. How? Assess + Deploy + Monitor + Service Support Our team of experts conduct an on or off premise print assessment that gives you a clear picture of your current equipment and associated costs. Then a Digital Print Strategy is defined and ready for a smooth rapid deployment. This includes coordinating the install, connecting software applications and providing professional training for your staff. As your single point of contact we remotely monitor your device(s), including toner usage, reducing IT work load and minimizing environmental impact. Our commitment is to your TOTAL satisfaction in providing you the best service support in the business.

Sophisticated Print Audits

Our Audit/Assessment system represents one of the most critical components for providing meaningful and measurable solutions for our customers. If you don’t know where you have come from it is hard to know where you want to get to!

The Corporate 360 audit team ensures that customers have a comprehensive understanding of their current business operating expenditures so that a clear and solid plan can be implemented to quantify the results which we will achieve. We help you to “right-size” your workplace equipment creating a more streamlined and efficient approach ultimately increasing the productivity of your business.

Three Tier Colour Printing
Add Colour Not Cost

Our leading manufacturer provides a game changer in current technology. We can provide you with a solution that revolutionized the way you pay for colour printing. By using a 3-tiered colour system, only pay for the colour you use. How? This technology can evaluate each document to determine whether it is a simple text document with a colour company logo, a full colour document, or somewhere in-between.

No Ozone Technology

Did you know we offer a range of printer/MFP options that work cleaner, smarter, and are near-zero ozone? Ozone is released during the printing process when high voltage wires apply an electrical charge. First to the drum’s surface, then to the paper so that the toner will be attracted to it. With the development of a highly sensitive ceramic drum surface + direct contact + low voltage = near- zero OZONE.

No Ozone.C360.V4